Saraki couldn’t have been an accessory to this armed robbery

But of course, Saraki couldn’t have been an accessory to this armed robbery, at least not directly. I listened to the audio recording of the confession made by the robbers and I don’t think there is enough to link him to the robbery.

However, there is deeper concern: arming them for whatever reasons. The sad truth is that all organised crimes have some remote connection to political enablement. These youths politicians keep as their thugs have a way of putting the skills and resources they get to worse use when their pockets get dry.

We had ECOMOG, Yan Kalare, etc, where BH extracted substantial recruits; we have Yan Shara in Kaduna, and other criminals who were originally exposed to arms by politicians, and now constitute different levels of national security concerns. Somehow our democratic experience has effectively empowered criminals in plane clothes to cause more problems.

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I think he should honour their invitation and state what he knows about their claims, and let it go. The NPF shouldn’t waste our time, they know prosecuting Saraki is not something they can accomplish.

Imoh Inyangete

Imoh Inyangete is a Web Developer for "George Udom News Desk", He`s also an ICT EXPERT, Blogger, Undergraduate, Digital Marketer and finally a Programmer.

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