Ladies and gentlemen, the award for the woman with the most “plentiest” luggage of the year goes to my Mom?.

One reason I don’t like traveling with her, she can kee you with load. When we got to the park this morning, we asked the conductor how much it will cost to load this bags in the bus she booked for the previous day, he said 4k or she should book another seat for the luggage.

My Mom gave this wicked smirk and I guess in her mind she must have said “you guys ain’t seen nothing yet, let’s watch and see”. Even me self pitied the conductor and I was planning to pay 2k…then I heard the most shocking thing ever. I kid you not, This beautiful woman of my life said what she has for all the luggage is only 300 naira??.

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Conductor nearly ran mad with fume?
Omg!!! Me self just shift fest of all go one side,I can’t be associated with such. But Mom was damn serious…long story short, after all the gra gra wey conductor do, people of this honourable court, the mother of yours sincerely paid 400 naira?…Amen!!!

Pls this is an advert. If you want to travel, and you are going with a large number of luggage, contact my Mother to help you bargain to save you from those exploiting conductors. Thank you….drops Mic ?

Evalasting Obinna

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