The President is not your puppet. He’s not your ego-state therapist. He’s Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. He has given orders to law enforcements to deal ruthlessly with those who may want to foment trouble during elections, at d expense of their lives.

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This is a democracy and the person elected to lead has given a directive that’s well sitted with the majority. Any person found snatching ballot box should be stopped at all cost. Stopping them includes application of force. The directive is clear and the ARMED FORCES understand it.

I feel ashamed breaking it down to crime-side “rule of law” advocates, there’re countless criminal demeanour associated with the act in question.

Its arguably a form of felony, treasonable and a potent recipe for anarchy. Especially the type perpetrated in Rivers State.

There’s a way you start sounding stupid, when you are obsessed with criticisms. One day, when there’s nothing left to criticize, you’ll face a mango tree, “you this tree, why are your leaves army green, instead of normal green? The army in army green can start killing people.”

Except for Odinkalu, who is an undisputed national ethnic nuisance by unanimous decisions, there were no word from the usual critics on Kaduna’s Fulani 66. Then, all of a sudden y’all are awake to give fillip to semantic distortions on Buhari’s order to curtail criminal elements.

There’s a shade of criticism that effectively doubles as toxicity. Toxic people use criticism to improve a feeling of self-worth, by negating d worth of others. Buhari being President has shown we’re all capable of being stupid, depending on how politically correct we want to be.

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The stupidity didnt stop at calling Buhari a clone. We heard he isnt in charge. Then he’s a tyrant, b’cos y’all want a puppet president. “Section this, sub-section that.” If u know u know d constitution & dem born ur firstborn well, let him snatch ballot box, this Saturday, 23rd.

George Udom News Desk

Imoh Inyangete is a freelance staff of George Udom News Desk. He is the proprietor of Sammie Techie - www.sammie.com.ng

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