By Ata Ikiddeh.

Did you know Udom’s government frustrated the Anchor borrowers programme and made sure it did not see the light of day in Akwa Ibom State? He stopped N5 billion of CBN funds from coming into the State. I was a consultant for Sky bank on this project in 2016/17. This is a programme that would have lifted hundred of thousands of our people out of poverty but Gov Udom the great investor said NO!

While the local banks and cooperative societies were blaming CBN; Officials of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture told me at an event in Europe that the problem was not CBN’s but Gov Udom. They told me our compassionate and visionary Governor had refused to let the project run. He refused to put money down for the off taking department of the project. For the Anchor Borrowers Programme to be successful State Governors were required to put funds that would guarantee that the harvested raw materials were bought off the local farmers. CBN had a structure in place that would provide the value chain to these products. The off takers in Akwa Ibom State was made up of Cassava farmers , Fish pond farmers ,Tomato farmers, Poultry farmers, Rice Famers, Oil Palm farmers, Ginger farmers, Pig farmers, Vegetable farmers, Pinapple farmers etc. We had over 10,000 farmers on the project – these were made up of regular farmers, teachers, civil servants, business men , market women, thousands of unemployed graduates , even UNIYO students were part of the programme but Governor Udom Emmanuel the great visionary leader said No! And here is why.

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Governor Udom made a demand on CBN he told CBN if they wanted him to put money down for the off taking his government had to take over the project. CBN told him that the Anchor Borrowers Programme was a Federal Government apolitical scheme and this was why it had been successful across the nation. The Governor Udom refused to budge, he tried to start his own Anchor Borrowers Programme which of course collapsed in acrimony, political interests and back stabbing and that was how the people of Akwa Ibom State lost out on N5 billion naira of Federal Government Agricultural funding.

The same Governor who has deliberately kept hundreds of thousands of our people in poverty has finally discovered his signature project. He has put down millions of dollars to fund 3 jets, which he hopes will ferry the less than 1% of our population who use air travel domestically. He has invested millions of dollars in an industry which cannot employ more than 300 people both direct and indirect people. He has invested millions of dollars of State Government funds to sustain and piggy back 3 aircrafts. Would it not have been better if he had applied the same zeal in the Anchor Borrowers Programme and still gone ahead and bought 10 bombardier passenger Jets!?

There is a lot some of you don’t know about your Governor. I want you to see what a great Investor and visionary leader he is!

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