INTERNATIONAL NEWS – Sad week in U.S.A -gunmen enter a Walmart store and kill 20 people injuring dozens more.

Location -El Paso, Texas, USA…

Gunmen entered a Walmart store and killed 20 people injuring dozens more to make it the 10 deadliest shooting in US history😢. In the past 4 years since Donald Trump came in, there have been over 12 mass shooting killing over 300 people in broad day light.

Pictures from the site of the REGRETTABLE INCIDENT 😢😰!

The US now has 4 of the deadliest shooting in its history happening in the past 4 years.

EDITORIAL OPINIONTerrorism is a LOCAL HEADACHE same as BOKO HARAM (in Nigeria) or ISIS in Syria. Everybody must come together to combat this ugly demon. Our heartfelt CONDOLENCES to our viewers from far away ONTARIO Canada …etc Our Prayers are with you.🌹

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