Embarrassing! After all the millions gotten from L.G.A direct allocations, see wetin ONNA “KOMON” CHAIRMAN fit do?

Brethren I can’t stop laughing😂🤣

Well this is the news…an L.G.A chairman “like dat” just GLORIFIED HIMSELF for buying just one not two vehicles for a political appointee which happens to be his VICE. What happens to other POLITICAL APPOINTEES and public servants BACKLOG OF SALARIES…etc?

To fully understand what I am saying , read what UBONG FNS has to say…

ONNA LGC Boss Glorifying Shame

Without noise, Icekyd Icekid – an ONNA born musician – who is not a politician bought very recently this same model and colour, with a zero social media hype.

This is the same chairman who should be making public his various strides as a council chairman, how he has influenced the lives of the common man in ONNA, owing to the fact that the FG sends millions to ONNA LGC… But, No! He publicises how he got HER a “Spider” car after almost 2yrs of swearing in.

Don’t they have shame?

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The Screenshot

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