…And You Really Thought You Had Destroyed Him! – Ata IKKIDEH


…And you claimed to do it all in the name of God! There was nothing you didn’t call him. He was the demon and you were the saint. And what do you do to demons – of course you crush them, exterminate them until they cease to exist:

Because you claim to be doing it all in the name of God. It was not enough that you tried to destroy him – you also had to humiliate him. You paid for this photo to go viral. And you labelled it with captions like , ‘Defeated Dead And Buried’. That was 7 months ago!

Now that the man you tried to destroy has risen and has been exalted and crowned by his God – are you sure it wasn’t the Chief devil using you?

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Today some of you are texting and coming around asking to be forgiven. Maybe he has forgiven – the man has such a heart. But please note – when you get too close and his friends and followers rough you up real good – don’t take it personal, feelings are still very very raw.

What can we say. Let this encourage someone. No matter how much your enemies say they have killed and buried you . As long as your GOD is still on the throne…your GOD WILL ONEDAY PREPARE A TABLE BEFORE YOU IN THE PRESENCE OF YOUR ENEMIES!!!

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