Funke Akindele, Akin Lewis, others star in new political satire

Nollywood star, Funke Akindele, has directed and featured in a new social media-driven political satire titled “Your Excellency’.

The actress acts as the better half of Akin Lewis.

The latter plays a presidential aspirant, Olalekan Ajadi, giving just a hint of the hilarious antics in store.

The lead actor hinted that his character is inspired by a famous Nigerian politician whom he failed to name.

‘Your Excellency’ tells the story of a bumbling, billionaire businessman and failed presidential candidate, who becomes a credible contender when his dance moves and gaffes ignite social media.

Just when his campaign looks set to be another disaster, Ajadi is anointed by a major party and becomes a credible contender all through due to the power of social media.

As the political drama unfolds, it seems possible that even the most inept candidate, with little to offer voters except for viral soundbites and amusing antics, can mount a serious challenge for the presidency.

Could a three-time loser pose a serious challenge for the presidency?

The producers said the viewers would have to watch the film to find out the answer.

The movie is funny and touching, as it shows how politics and social media are shaping Nigerian society in equal measure.

The executive producer of the film, Mo Abudu, said she is positive that the film would receive rave reviews when it eventually hits cinemas in December

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